Fit Testing

respirator-fit-testRespirator Mobile Fit conducts fit tests for all brands and types of respirators from SCBA masks to N-95 dust masks.  For medical monitoring, we recommend, the 3M online medical questionnaire review site.

We provide respiratory fit testing services at your site. All we need is a small space and power.  These services include:

  • Respirator general use training.
  • Demonstration of user seal checks.
  • Review of the condition of respirators and care recommendations.
  • Quantitative respirator fit test using TSI Portacount Pro + .
  • Qualitative respirator fit test using irritant smoke or Bitrex
  • Fit testing documentation for both employee and company.
PortaCount Pro Respirator Optimization

PortaCount Pro Respirator Optimization

Our fee for fit-testing is $50 per fit test plus a mobilization fee based on the geographic location of the site beginning at $50. We require a 3 test minimum.

Respirator Mobile Fit also provides a daily rate starting at $1,050 for clients who have more than 20 employees fit tested at one time.

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